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In Memoriam

This Page is dedicated to the Singers, Musicians and the people who have made their own contribution to Jamaican Music whether home or abroad. We celebrate their works and we are joyful in their legacy, I do not want to dwell on the sadness of their passing.

Over the years I have tried to keep a log of all the Passings in the Reggae World, it has been difficult at times as I sometimes receive information that is more rumour than fact. I have only included information that I have been able to verify.
Any Corrections or extra information gratefully received.

Thank you to all the people for the help. One Love.

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Alton Black

Died In Auto Crash early 1990’s

Alton Ellis O.D (Mr Rock Steady)

b. 1st September 1938 in Kingston d. in London October 11th 2008 Lymph gland cancer

Alton Irie

Found shot to death in his car in New York, more information requested.

Anthony Doyley

b. Trenchtown Jamaica Lead singer & songwriter in Knowledge group. Died in London 26th February 2011.

Arkland “Drumbago” Parks

Died 1970? Natural Causes ?

Arthur “Duke” Reid (The Trojan)

b.c.1915 - Died Of Cancer 1975

Aubrey Adams

Died in 1990

Augustus Pablo (Horace Swaby)

b. St. Andrew 1953 - Died May 18th 1999 Myasthenia Gravis

Baba (Oswald F) Brooks

Information requested

Baby Wayne (Wayne Parkinson)

b. 1968 - Died of complications Pneumonia 1st November 2005


Information Requested

Barry Brown

b. 1962 - Died 29th May 2004 in Sons Dove Studios Kingston Jamaica

Bertram Brown

Owner of Freedom Sounds Records- Died Sept 8th 2008

Jackie Brown

Died at home, New York, November 12th 2015 following eye surgery.

Billy Boyo

b.c.1970 Kingston - Died of a Brain Tumour in 2000.

Bim Sherman (Jarrett Tomlinson)

b. 1950 or 1952 - Died November 17th 2000 of Cancer

Bingy Bunny (Eric Lamont)

b.23 September 1955 Kingston - Died of Prostate Cancer December 31st 1993

Bionic Steve

Stabbed In Kingston died January 17th 1997

Black Rat (David Bingham)

Shot dead at his home Kingston July 20th 2002.

Philip “Boasy” James b. 12/31/41 Died In New York 1989

One half of the Bluesbusters duo.

Lloyd “Lloydie” Osbourne Campbell

b.3/9/41 - Died In New York January 1992 .Other half of The Bluesbusters duo

Bob (Robert Nesta) Marley

b.Feb 6th 1945 St. Anne’s - Died In Miami May 11th 1981 of Cancer

Bobby Ellis

Master Trumpeter. Died October 18th 2016, pneumonia related illness, age 84.

Brent Dowe

Solo Singer & longtime member of the Melodians b.Westmoreland 1949 - Died at home in St. Andrew Jamaica 29th January 2006 of heart attack.

Byron Lee O.J.

Byron Aloysius St. Elmo Lee B 27/6/ 1935 Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica, Died after two-year battle transitional cell cancer,passing away at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Jamaica at the age of 73. 4/11/ 2008

Captain Barkey (Wayne Hamilton)

Shot dead on 13 October 2012 in the parking lot of a motel in The Bronx, New York, along with a female companion.
Original member of the Shocking Vibes Crew, along with Beenie Man, Little Lenny and Little Kirk (Kirk Davis).
Known for the hits "Sound Of The Gun", "Cho!" and "Go-Go Wine".

Carl Ayton

b. 1957 - Died Jamaica December 23rd 2001 of a Stroke

Carlton (Carly) Barrett

b. 1950 - Shot by his ex. Wife’s boyfriend in Jamaica April 1987

Cedella Marley-Booker (posthumous O.D) a.k.a Mother Booker

Born Nine Miles Jamaica. died April 8, 2008 at her South Miami, Florida home. She was 81 years old.

Cedric IM Brooks

Saxophonist. Born Denham Town, Died May 3rd 2013

Charlie Ace

Gunned down in Kingston Early 1980’s 

Charles Hyatt

b. 1931 Kingston Jamaica - Died of Cancer in Palm Bay, Florida January 1st 2007

Cherry 'Smith' Green, member of the original Wailers died September 4th 2008 aged 65 heart attack in Miami Florida

Chris Stanley Owner of Music Mountain - 1st Grammy Award Winning Studio in Jamaica. Died of cancer Oct 23, 1999.

Clancy Eccles

b. Eccleston Eccles 9th December 1940 - Died 30th June 2005 following a stroke

Claudia Jones

b.15 February 1915 died 24 December 1964 born Port of Spain, Trinidad. community leader, Journalist & Feminist, Political Activist, Communist.the mother of Notting Hill CARNIVAL


Clement (Sir Coxsone Dodd) Seymour Dodd (Downbeat The Ruler)

b. Kingston Jamaica January 27th 1932 - Died May 4th 2004 in Kingston Jamaica of a Heart Attack.

Clint O'Neil

b.1944 Jamaica (Radio DJ on WLRNS Florida 6 nights a week since 1979 - Died of Cancer Oct. 10th 2004 Florida USA 

Clinton “Tennessee” Brown

Died March 17th 1999 of Heart Trouble

Clive Jarrett

Murdered in his home in Kingston 31st January 2008.

Colin "Fencebeater" Moore Reggae music lost a very good friend

Died 28th April 2009 of a Heart Attack

Copper Cat

Shot dead on 20 January 2011, in Kingston.
Mentored by Richie Stephens.
Known for the hits "Run Di Version" and "Wise Up".

Count (Winston Cooper) Machouki

b. 1939 Kingston - Died 1995

Count (Oswald Williams) Ossie

b.1926 St. Thomas JA - Died in Auto Accident? October 18th 1976

Cynthia Schloss Blake

Died Of Heart Complications February 25th 1999

Daddigon (Gabra Lambert)

Shot dead on 27 January 2005, in Kingston.
Founding member of Dutty Cup Crew, along with Sean Paul.

David Isaacs ( Bruce Bennett)

Solo singer & member of the Itals Born Denham Town, Kingston. Died of a heart attack during the night in Kingston. December 23rd 2009 aged 63.

'Deadly' Hedley Bennett

One of the finest session saxophonists .Died 21st August 2016 age 85

Deborah Glasgowe

b.1965 - Died January 25th 1994 Brain Haemorrhage while suffering from Lymph Gland Cancer

Delroy Wilson

b. 1948 Kingston - Died March 6th 1995 succumbed to Cirrhosis of the Liver

Dennis Emmanuel Brown (Boy Wonder)

b. 1st February 1957 Kingston - Died Of Respiratory Failure, University Hospital, Kingston July 1st 1999.

Dennis Harris (Owner of DIP Records UK)

Died 1990’s Heart Attack in UK

Denzil (Keith) “Pops” Laing

Died August 4th 1989 

Desmond Dekker (Desmond Adolphus Dacres)

b.17 July 1941, Kingston, Jamaica. - Died at home in London, England of Heart problems early hours 25th May 2006 

Devon “Soul ” Russell

b. 1940 Kingston - Died Of Cancer June 1997

Dhaima (Sandra Matthews)

b.April 1949 U.S. - Died May 9th 2000 Accidental Drowning in the U.S.

Dickie Jobson (Richard 'Dickie' Jobson)

Filmmaker b. St. Ann best known for "Countryman" 1982 , d.Christmas morning at the University Hospital age 67. Never recovered from a second stroke he had recently suffered.

Dirtsman (Patrick Thompson)

b. 1967 Spanish town - Robbed & Murdered December 21st 1993 Spanish town JA

D.J. Village (Horace Pinnock)

b.1977 JA - Shot dead in London after a Robbery November 20th 2001

Don Drummond

b. 1943 Kingston - Died while in Bellevue Hospital, Kingston May 6th 1969(Under Suspicious Circumstances)

Don Taylor

Died November 1st 1999 in Miami, Florida following Heart Problems


Shot dead on 10 December 2005 in Kingston.
Known for the hits "Real Gun", "Fat Piece Of Goose" and "Who Are They".

Earl Belcher (founder Jah Love Muzik Sound System)

Died Of A Stroke in June 11th 1999

Early (Earlando Neil) B “The Doctor”

Shot Accidentally at the Windsor Cricket Club, Dorchester MA. September 11th 1994

Edi Fitzroy (Fitzroy Edwards)

Died May Pen March 4th 2017

Eddie Lovette

Died May 1998

"Eggie" Egbert Evans,Saxophonist died aged 56, at the University Hospital of the West Indies on July 2 2009.

Emile Shallet (owner of Bluebeat Records UK)

Died of Natural Causes 1982

Errol Robinson

Information Requested

Errol (Archer) Scorcher

Died 19th January 2012 in Spanish Town Hospital age 55 ,due to a burst blood vessel in his head

Errol Shorter

Murdered In Kingston Late 1982

Errol Thompson (J.B.C. DJ)

b.1952 Kingston - Killed In Kingston 1983

Errol Thompson aka E.T / Errol T (Engineer)

· Errol "ET" Thompson, recording engineer, b.December 29 1948; died Saturday November 14 2004, due to strokes & a heart attack.

Everton Da Silva

Shot Dead In New York 1979

Fathead (Vernon Rainford)

Killed in Florida 1987.

Fazal Prendergast

Musician, Producer & engineer member of Rockers all stars

Freddie McKay

b.1947 St. Catherine - Died October 1986 Of A Heart Attack

Free I (Jeff Dixon)

b.1946 Manchester JA. - Murdered at Peter Tosh’s Home September 11th 1987

Fuzzy (Alty Salmon)Jones

Information Requested

Garnett Silk (Smith) a.k.a. “Bimbo”

b.1970 Manchester JA - Died In A Fire Trying to rescue his Mother from his burning house in Mandeville, Jamaica December 10th 1994

Geoffrey Chung

b. 1950 Kingston - Died November 1995 of Kidney Failure

Gene (Winston Lara) Rondo

b.1943 - Died of cancer related problems in London June 12th 1994

General (Errol Robinson) Echo

Killed by Police in Jamaica November 22nd 1980 along with 2 members of his Echo Tone Hi Fi Sound System Flux & Big John

George “Peckings” Price (Owner of the renowned Studio One Shop In London)

Died Heart Problems London 1994

George Faith Died April 2003

Gerald “Bogle” Levy (Dancer)

Shot on Constant Spring Road, St. Andrew 20th January 2005


Died in U.K. 1990’s

Gladstone 'Gladdy' Anderson

Keyboardist & vocalist, died December 3rd 2015, age 81.

Gregory "Cool Ruler" Isaacs

b.15th July 1951 in Fletchers Land, Denham Town, Jamaica. died 25th October 2010 in South London A long battle with Lung Cancer.


Gregory (Gregory Williamson) Peck

Information Requested

Gurney Man (Thomas Heath)

Died May 2001

Hammermouth (Killermanjaro Sound)

murdered more information requested

Harry J (Johnson)

Legendary Producer. Died April 3rd 2013 Westmorland,Aged 67. Complications from Diabetes.

Hopeton Lewis

Died Brooklyn, NY September 4th 2014 age 66

Joe Gibbs (Joel Augustus Gibson)(Posthumous OD)

Ib.1943 Montego Bay - Died in University Hospital Kingston 21st February 2008 suffered a heart attack.

Jim Kelly DJ with Killermanjaro

Killed in 1983 on Spanish Town Road

Jnr Murvin (Smith)

Died December 2nd 2013

Henry “Junjo” Lawes

b. 195? - Gunned down in Harlesdon, North London June 13th 1999

Hortense Ellis

b.April 18th 1941 Trenchtown JA - Died in her sleep in Kingston Hospital of Respiratory Failure October 18th 2000

Hugh Mundell a.k.a. Jah Levi

b. 1962 Kingston, JA - Killed In Kingston following a Robbery at his home 1983

I. Roy (Roy Reid)

b.1944 JA - Died from Heart Problems in Kingston November 30th 1999

IP of Sir Coxson Outernational UK Sound

Murdered 1999? Information requested

Jackie “Wilfred” Edwards

b.1938 - Died from Heart Problems August 1992

Jackie (Samuel Hamilton) Knockshot

Information Requested

Jackie Mittoo

b.1948 -Died Of Cancer December 1990 Toronto, Canada

Jackie (Dalton Sinclair-Bishop) Opel

b. Barbados 1940’s - Died In A Car Crash Bay St, Barbados late 1960’s

Jack (Lawrence Lindo) Ruby

b.1940’s - Died from Heart Problems due to Cocaine Addiction Spring 1989

Jacob“Killer” Miller

b. 1955 - Died In Auto Crash Kingston Jamaica March 23rd 1980

Jah Bull (DJ) Woolton Harrison

b. 1950 Jamaica - died 8th May 2005 in Jamaica

Jah (Pat Francis) Lloyd a.k.a. Jah Lion

b. 1950 Kingston - Died in Kingston JA June 2nd 1999 

Jah “Ska” Jerry ,Jerome Hines

  b. 11th August 1921 Original Guitarist & one of the founding members of the ‘Skatalites’ - Died in Hospital Jamaica, 13th August 2007.

Jah Globe (Saxophonist)

Died December 2003, London U.K.

Jean Adebambo A lovers Rock Queen

Died January 15th 2009

Jennifer Lara

Died of a stroke in Kingston Public Hospital June 11th 2005

Jimmy (Martin James Norman) Riley

Former member of The Sensations & The Uniques and great solo singer. Father of Tarrus Riley. Died new York 23rd March 2016 ,having battled Cancer.

J.J. (Carl) “Sir JJ” Johnson

Shot dead in his Record Store, Kingston c.1972

Joe Harriott

born in 1928 died of Cancer in 1973 jazz saxophone player

Joe Higgs

b.1940 Kingston - Died of Cancer Los Angeles, CA December 18th 1999

John Holt

Died London, October 19th 2014, age 67

John Wayne DJ (Norval Headley)

Famous for 'Call The Police', died Jan. 30th 2014 in Kingston Public Hospital from Renal failure.

Johnny "Dizzy" Moore

John Arlington Moore born Kingston on October 5, 1938 died of colon cancer 16th August 2008

Johnny Ringo Bradley Miller.

Died July 2005 ,complications from pnuemonia

Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill

b. Linstead, Jamaica January 22nd 1949 - Died suddenly of Liver Problem 19th August 2006

Judge (Alex Hughes) Dread

b. 1940’s Snodland, Kent England - Died Of A Heart Attack While Appearing On Stage In Kent, England 1998

Junior Braithwaite

b. 1949 - Shot dead in Kingston June 2nd 1999

Junior Delgado (Oscar Hibbert) 

b.. August 25,1958 in Kingston. - Died in London 10th April 2005. Passed away in his sleep 

Justin Yap (Owner Top Deck Records)

Died In Veteran’s Hospital, U.S.A. December 1999

Justin Hinds

Born St.Ann 1942 - Died of lung Cancer 17th March 2005

Karl Mullings (Manager & Producer)

b.1942 - Died Friday, July 29th 2005 in Canada from heart complications

Keith Hudson

b.1947 Kingston - Died of Lung Cancer 14th November 1984

Kenneth Khouri (Federal Records) Jamaican Industry Pioneer

Died September 20th 2003.

Noel 'King Sporty' Williams

B. 1943. Died Miami, Florida January 5th 2015

King Stitt

B. Winston Sparkes 1939. Died 31st January 2012

King (Osbourne Ruddock) Tubby

b. 1941 Kingston - Gunned down following a robbery outside his home in Tower Hill, Kingston February 6th 1989

Lacksley Castell

b. Kingston 1962? - Died mid 1980’s? More Information Requested

Larry Lawrence (Duke Larry) Ethnic Fight owner

b.1947 Jamaica Clifton ‘Larry’ Lawrence d. August Bank Holiday 2008 in London of cancer.

Laurel Aitken. (Oliver Stevens)

b.1927 in Cuba -Died of a Massive Stroke in Leicester, England 17th July 2005

Lee Copthall (Trojan Records)

b. 1939 Constant Spring - Died May 29th 1997

LeeVan Cliff

Information Requested

Lennie Hibbert

b.1928 - Died mid 1980’s

Leonard Dillon (The Ethiopian[s] )

Died September 28th 2011 Cancer.

Leslie Kong (Beverley’s Records)

b. 1933 Kingston - Died Of A Heart Attack 1971

“Prince” Lincoln Thompson

Died Of Cancer of the Liver in the UK January 1999

Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott

Died Jamaica 10th July 2010 age 54

'Style' Lincoln Scott

Drummer in Roots Radics, Dub Syndicate

D. October 9th 2014 age 58

Lloyd “Tinlegs” Adams

More Information Requested

Lloyd Brevett

Skatalites Bassist, Born 1931. Died 3rd May 2012 following stroke.

LLoyd 'Spiderman' Campbell

Died Florida, Oct. 4th 2016 age 68 after 10 year battle with cancer.

Lloyd (Tyrell) Charmers

Died on 27 December 2012 of a heart attack, in London.
Member of The Uniques (along with Slim Smith and Jimmy Riley), and leader of Lloydie & The Lowbites.

Lord Jellicoe (Barker)

b. Jamaica - Died of Natural Causes October 2001

Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts)

b. Trinidad 1933 - Died February 11th 2000 Blood Disorder

Lord Koos (Eric Scott)

Died early 1990's

Lord Tanamo (Joseph Gordon)

Former member of The Skatalites. Died Toronto, Canada April 19th 2016, age 82. He had suffered a stroke in 2008.

Louise Fraser-Bennett

Died October 12th 2003.

Luie Lepke

b. 1957 - Information Requested

Lucky Philip Dube

killed in South Africa October 18. 2007 shot by three gunmen as he dropped off his son in the Rosettenville suburb of Johannesburg.

Lynn Taitt

Guitarist / Band Leader. B. Trinidad. D. Toronto, Canada Jan 20th 2010

Madoo (Osbert Maddo)

Died 11th October 2015, Bangor, Maine U.S.A.

Major (Wayne Jones) Worries

Died in a Shooting Incident 1987

Marcia “Vyris” Edgehill

b. 1954 JA - Died Following Heart Surgery London July 12th 2002 

Marco Bran (Miguel Skinner)

Died of a Heart Attack on 15th June 2006, only 25 years old. 

Marguirita Mahfood

Murdered in Kingston By Don Drummond January 2nd 1965

Maurice Roberts (Vocalist withThe Gaylads)

Died 14th August 2015, University Hospital Of The West Indies.

Maurice “Blacka Morewell” Wellington

b. 1950 - Died of A Heart Attack whilst receiving treatment for Cancer in New York October 3rd 2000

Michael Smith

b. 1954 -Stoned to death Stony Hill on August 17th 1983

Michael “Zappow” Williams

b.St. Ann’s JA 1944 - Died 9th August 2005 natural causes

Mikey Dread (dread @ the control)Michael Campbell

d.March 15, 2008 of a brain tumour.

Mikey “Mickey” Simpson

Died In 1994 More Information Requested

Mikey Wallace

Gunned Down In Kingston July 6th 1999

Miss Irie of Saxon Sound (Sister of Tippa Irie)

Killed in England 1999 

Miss Lou (Louise Bennett-Coverly)

b. Kingston, Jamaica September 7th 1919 - Died 26th July 2006 in Toronto, Canada 

Mortimo "Kumi" St George Planno

Founding member of the Rastafari Movement Association b.Cuba on September 6, 1929.died on March 5 2006

'Nambo' Ronald Robinson.

Legendary Trombonist died 25th January 2017 Kingston. Age 67

Neville Willoughby (Author, Actor, Singer & Broadcaster )

Died in Hospital after a car accident in Kingston Jamaica 20th December 2006.

Nicky (Cecil) Thomas

b. 1949 Portland JA - Died of A Heart Attack, Jamaica 1989

Nicodemus (Cecil Wellington)

b.1957 - Died from Complications Diabetes August 26th 1996

Nitty (Glen Holness) Gritty

b.1957 - Shot dead in a Record Store In Brooklyn New York 1991

Nora Dean

Best known for the song 'Barbwire'. One time member of The Ebony Sisters & The Soulettes. Died Sept. 29th 2016, age 72

Oral Desulme

Shot dead July 11th 2002 at Dunbarton Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica

Panhead (Anthony Johnson)

b.1966 St. Mary’s JA. - Robbed & Killed outside his House In Marverly Jamaica October 1993

Papa Pilgrim (Co. founder of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide)

Died of A Stroke October 5th 2003 while visiting Aberdeen, Scotland

Patrick Waite (Musical Youth)

b. 1969 UK - Died 18th February 1993

Paul (Pablo) Stewart

b. 1960 - Died Of Stomach Cancer July 2002.

Paul Tyrell (Shocking Vibes)

Killed March 2004 Kingston Jamaica

Pele (Peggy) Lanier

b. Georgia U.S.A. December 30th 1948 -Died May 31st 2001 

Perry Henzell (Film Maker)

b. Port Maria, St.Mary, Jamaica 1936 - Died of Cancer Jamaica 30th November 2006

Peter Broggs (Henry James)

Died December 19th 2015

Peter Ranking (Lanford Peter Lagore)

Died Toronto, Canada March 9th 2015. Cancer

Peter Scarlett (Fabulous Five, lead Vocalist)

Died of Heart Attack 1990

Peter Tosh (Winston H. McIntosh)

b. 1944 Westmoreland - Murdered at his Home September 11th 1987

Philip Linton (Owner & Producer @ Arrows Studio)

Shot & Killed March 4th 2004 Outside his Studio

Phyllis Dillon

b. St. Catherine Jamaica 1945 - Died Cancer April 15th 2004 New York.

Prince Buster (Cecil Bustamante Campbell)

Died South Florida September 8th 2016

Prince Far I (Michael Williams) a.k.a King Cry Cry

b.1944 Spanishtown -Murdered in his home September 15th 1983

Prince Jazzbo (Linval Carter)

Died Lung cancer September 11th 2013.

Puma (Sandra) Jones

b. New York 1953 - Died Of Cancer 1990

Raliegh Gordon ( TheMaytals )

b. Jamaica 1940’s - Died 1994 More Information requested

Ranking Dread (Winston Brown)

Information Requested

Ranking Trevor (Maxwell Grant)

Died in motorcycle accident, Olympic Gardens, Kingston, August 7th 2012

Ras Pidow

b.1931 - Died March 2001

Ray Athony (UK Based Saxophonist)

Died December 2003

Ray Symbolic (Sound System Owner)

Died In Auto Accident 1983

Red Dragon (Leroy May)

Died July 31st 2015. Suspected heart problems

Richard “Dirty Harry” Hall

Brutally Shot & killed on the lower east side Manhattan in a abandoned building over a robbery.

Rico Rodriguez

Born Cuba 1934, died September 4th 2015

Rising Son Died In Kingston JA. Natural Causes mid 2000 

Risto Benji (Michael Benjamin)

Shot dead Church Pen, St. Catherine May 16th 2011

Robert Schoenfeld ( Nighthawk Records, USA )

found dead in his home (maybe some Heart related death)St Louis USA 23rd October 2006.

Roland Alphonso

b. 1936 - Passed Away in Los Angeles November 20th 1999,Heart Failure

Roman Stewart

b. 1957 - Died Massive Heart Attack 25th January 2004, New York

Ronnie Davis

Former member of The Itals & The Tennors and solo artist. Died January 25th 2017 following a stroke.

Roy “Soft” Palmer

Murdered In Kingston Mid 2001

Roy Richards

b. Jamaica 1944. - Died 25th May 2007 at home in St. Anne’s Bay. 

Roy Shirley

Ainsworth Roy Rushton Shirley b 1944? Died in London 17th July 2008 heart problems

Roy Wilson

One half of the (Joe) Higgs & Wilson duo. D. Florida May 19th? 2012

Ruddy Thomas aka Flick Wilson

b.12th July 1951. - Collapsed & died 10th June 2006 from Heart Problems while singing on stage in Portland, Jamaica

Russell Coke (of Magnet Records London)

died 2003 heart problems

Sam Bramwell

Shot while attempting a robbery of a Bauxite Factory 1980 

Scoobie Santino

Ian Newtion aged 45 killed in Greenford,West London Sunday, 22 March, 2009.

Scott Palmer (Member of “John Browns Body”)

Died of Cancer 7th June 2006

Scotty (David Scott)

b. 1951 Westmoreland - Died February 27th 2003 Prostate Cancer


Information Requested

Shenley Duffus (Chandley Duffus)

Died in Jamaica Early 2002

Sidney Wolfe

b. 1946 - Died Of Lung Cancer June 27th 1998

Simple Simon

b. 1956 JA - Died of Oesophagus Cancer 6th February 2004

Simpleton (Christopher Harris)

Died on 7 November 2004 of a heart attack age 33 in Kingston.
Known for the hits "Coca Cola Bottle Shape", "Matey Can't Test" and "Quarter To Twelve".

Sir Harry(The Boss)

Killed in Kingston Jamaica July1999

Sister Mary Ignatius Davis ‘Iggy’

of Alpha Boys School, Kingston, Jamaica. b. Innswood, St. Catherine, on November 18, 1921. Died of A Heart Attack, Kingston Jamaica February 9th 2003

Slim (Keith) Smith

b. 1948 Kingston - Bled To Death 1973 Kingston Jamaica

Slimma Levi (Leroy Golding) .

“Mackating” & Sound System man out of Oxford, England Died 4th December 2003

Sluggy Ranks (Andrew Gregory)

Died in car accident Stony Hill ,Kingston July 29th 2012

"Snagga" Stephen Richards drummer was one of the Star Trail Family died in a car accident May 2009

Sonia Mclean (Me & You)

b. 1963 Jamaica - Died in London of Cancer 1996 

Stanley Beckford

b. 1942 - Died of Throat Cancer March 30th 2007

'Steely' Wycliffe Johnson

D. September 1st 2009, New York, heart failure following pneumonia.

Stephen Taylor (The Ethiopians)

b. 1944 - Died In Auto Accident 1975

Stix Dan

B. Samuel Reid on october 4th 1956 in England, Stix Dan was raised in Jamaica, moved to Ethiopia. He died in Betel hospital ,Addis Ababa 6th July 2009

Sugar Belly

Information Requested

Tenor Fly (Jonathan Sutter)

Died London, June 17th 2016

Tenor Saw(Clive Bright)

b. 1966 Kingston - Found Dead on the Roadside, Texas (said to be a case of hit & run driving) August 1988

Tero Kaski

(Black Star) Finland died Heart attack 2nd January 2001 terrible sadness. publisher, writer,producer, graphic artist, and a broadcaster.

Timothy White (Author)

b.1952 - Died of Heart Attack June 27th 2002

Tito Simon (Keith Foster)

Died of Heart attack ,Kingston, Sept. 21st 2014

Theophilus Beckford (‘Easy Snappin’)

b. 1935 Kingston - Brutally Murdered with Machete in dispute with neighbour, Kingston, Jamaica February 2001

Tommy McCook

b. 1933 -Died From Heart Complications In The US May 4th 1998

Tony McKay (Exuma)

b. Tea Cay, Cat Island, Bahamas - Died Nassau Bahamas January 22nd 1997

Tony Tribe

b. Anthony Mossop 9th October 1943 in Kingston. In 1970. he & members of his family were tragically killed in a car crash in Canada.

Toyan (Byron Letts)

Shot dead Information Requested

Trapper John

Died as a result of a medical error. No oxygen in the oxygen tank. more Information Requested

Trevor Bow

b. Kingston - Brutally Murdered in Kingston April 24th 1993

Trevor (Chambers) Sparks

Died on 23 March 2004 at nursing home in Chicago, Illinois, from complications due to diabetes.
Known for the hits "Bye Bye Love", "Rosemary", and the duet with Super Cat "Dolly My Baby".

Tyrone “Don/Paragon” Evans

Died of Natural Causes October 2000

Tyrone Taylor

B. in St. Elizabeth in 1954, Died December 1st 2007 prostate cancer.

Turbo Belly

Shot & Killed In Spanish Town January 2004

U.Roy Junior a.k.a Froggy

Shot while attempting a robbery in Kingston JA 1973 or 1974

Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson

Percussionist / DJ

B. 1936. Died Florida August 25th 2014

Val Bennett

Died mid 1991 (thanks for info Steve Barrow) in Almshouse of complications from Diabetes

Valerie Cowan (Tommy Cowan’s 1st Wife)

Murdered in Kingston during a Robbery 1992

Vic Taylor

b. Kingston 1946 -Died In Uniondale ,New York, 25th June 2003 Cardiac Arrest

Victor Cross Killed In Auto Accident 1990’s

Vincent “Randys” Chin

b. 1938 Kingston - Died Heart Attack February 2003.

Vincent 'Tata' Ford

d. 28th December 2008 67 years old in hospital from complications caused by Diabetes

Wayne 'Sleng Teng' Smith

Died Feb 17th 2014 Kingston Public Hospital ,age 48

Whylie Lopez

Jazz pianist & bandleader died in Cayman Islands 9th November 2008 96 years old

William 'Bunny Rugs' Clarke

b. Feb 6th 1945 died Feb 2nd 2014 Florida.

Winston 'Merritone' Blake

Soundsystem owner & music producer. Was married to Cynthia Schloss. Died February 27th 2016 age 75.

Winston Grennan

b. 1944 - Died Of Cancer at his home in Massachusetts U.S October

27th 2000

Winston 'Techniques' Riley

Died Jan 19th 2012 aged 68 after spending over 2 months in a coma following being shot at his home

Winston (Brubeck/Jelly Belly) Wright

Keyboards & Bass player born 1944 - Died of Heart Problems Jamaica 1993

Wilton 'Bogey' Gaynair

born in 1927 died 1995

Yabby You (U) Known as the "Jesus Dread (Vivian Jackson)

singer, songwriter & record producer, born 14 August 1946; suffering very bad health all his adult years. Died of a stroke aged 63 12 January 2010

Yabby U

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Marco Bran

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Keith Hudson








Slim Smith

Winston Grennan

Duke Larry



Roy Richards



George Faith



Joe Higgs


Billy Boyo






Brent Dowe


Don Evans


Hortense Ellis



Freddie McKay


   Prince Lincoln













Trevor Bow




Jackie Mittoo





Jennifer Lara




Gregory Peck



Richard Hall



Jah Lloyd










Jah Bull




Hugh Mundell & Family





Laurel Aitken



Charley Ace



Roland Alphonso










Harold McNair



Michael Smith


Turbo Belly







Trevor Sparks








Nicky Thomas




Dizzy Moore



Johnny Ringo


Lucky Dube





Mr Lopez




Coxsone Dodd




King Tubby