Check out Brian Gallagher's site for some brilliant artwork, examples of which can be seen all over our site.

DJ Ram @ In Dub has moved situated at No.7 Crow Street Bazzar in Temple Bar (around the corner from his old store)Check it Out. DJ RAM ON MY SPACE NOW CLICK THE IN DUB MUSIC LTD PIC

Spindizzy Records Shop has many new and Vintage Vinyl, CDs. Not all Reggae, & Tickets. Check it Out. @Market Arcade, South Great George's Street



Pressure SoundsOne of the leading Revive labels along with their sister label Maximum Pressure, everything on these two labels highly recomended by us.

Makasound One of the very best, so many classic releases & reissues, includes Makafresh,Inna de yard & loads more, so much quality.

Wow! in Germany wonderful selection & service with sound clips CD, vinyl & DVD, updates regularly.

Dub Vendor One of the oldest and best shops in London, order on line and when in London well worth a visit. Good shop and website.

For a list of upcoming & regular events in the UK & Ireland. Plus a whole heap of other things. You could get totally lost for days in here; there is so much to check lovely site Sista Mary Dread bless Sister Ignatius was also known lovingly as ‘Iggy’ Please check the Alpha website for the lovely CD & the wonderful coasters. Bless Iggy memory always be strong. Important cause make good gifts, thinking of Alpha future.

For all the news on this legendary set of Musicians, Merchandise, Photos and tour details.Wonderful veterans with the best entertainment.

Alpha Old Boys Association really should be checked out for the old boys of such great talent.

Vin's new album, Wonderful musician, wonderful man.

The Mighty Maytones a terrific musical history & there is more & more music to be heard often.

Legendary Singer Songwriter Musician & Producer, wonderful entertainer. Beautiful singer, performer & writer the Gaylads. Check website often.

Mikey website still there, the website needs checking has always had loads of really important stuff. Bless.

Carl St. Clair has a terrific website, still great talent check it.

Lloyd's latest album another top notch, have a look in here.

The home of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide.


The premier portal for Reggae with 1,000's of links. Check it.

Reggae Train portal site full of info.

Blood & Fire still on the net we keep hoping things will get real busy again Steve,

Tapirs Reggae Discographies site

Three very nice stuff in the same place.

Jamaican Newspapers online

Jamaican Cultural Developement Commision. Wonderful site for all kinds of Art Jamaica is proud of






Home to the Black Echoes Radio Show, 103.2 Dublin City FM is Dublin's Only Special Interest, Arts and Cultural radio station. Broadcasting on 103.2 around the Dublin Region and Online.

My space .Miss Pat is there now,

Rock A Shacka & Drum & Bass issue & reissue wonderful music & a great entertaining websites.

Manila Jeepney Quality music out of New York, well worth checking them out frequently.beautiful.

Tanty Records have issued a large catalogue of Dub Music, wonderful stuff. you can buy on line.

Reggae Retro U.K revive label, who have issued Pure quality. Distribute loads more.

Greensleeves label still as strong as ever, enjoy it still, quality music. Vinyl, Cds, DVDs & Downloads too.

Jah Warrior label so many great Productions over the years, check them all. Click pic reggaemusicstore ,tons of goodies to check. Love checking around this site & buying gems too, memories of some old vinyl.

GRAAL RECORDS France lovely site with discographies, history, auctions & records for sale, pics & sound clips

The home of the busy Mad Professor, check releases, tours and loads more.

Specialises in releasing revive CDs and Vinyl, with some highly acclaimed releases over the past few years. Much loved music like Skatalites that's not ska, lovely.

The home of Trojan, Ras and Creole Reggae Catalogue, the site includes news, latest releases, the Trojan forum, and interviews.



Jah Tubbys still going so strong, respect for some great memories & things still good check the site, loads of new releases.

Roots label, classic recordings in their catalogue, also home to California’s own Groundation.

Brilliant Reggae Band from New Zealand check them out.



Originally Tippertone sound in

London, good to see still busy, respect.


Website needs checking often.

For all the latest in what’s happening in the UK loads of new & vintage news, worth checking often.

Really interesting & educational site, Huge music listed,reviews of releases & discussion board, like it.
The Home of Isiah Mentor village roots label quality roots music.

Rob Discographies, news & other things about Studio One. I loved the books, lovely to check the website.

Reggae4i Featured Artist -  Dub Station - Dub Station is arguably one of the most outstanding U S -based reggae bands Many bands boast having shared
The excellent group Dub Station Website
Website of producer Trevor Elliot 'The Musical Ambassador', A good friend of the programme.
Legendary Jamaican D.J. Official Website
Reggae Artist Jahmark & the Soulshakers check him out, and hear some wicked music.
No introduction necessary the legendary Bob Andy and his impressive website.
Gold Heart Music website home to Daweh Congo and Senya Mission amongst others
Killa Fonz label and sound system. & for Mutabaruka site too!
Hawaii based label, who have issued some really great Reggae Music over the years well worth checking

wonderful site full of mento, calypso & folk music

Mento Music website is one of my favourite websites some brilliant work by Mike in N.Y. Sister site Jamusica worth taking a look at too.

Reissues of classic music, reckon things so much to hear for the newer fans.

The largest Reggae Record Company in the World, U.S. based V.P.Records specialises in mostly the modern end of the Music but do release some great oldies material.   Records specialises in mostly the modern end of the Music but do release some great oldies material.  

Jamaican Newspapers online 
The label that is steadily increasing it catalogue of modern material


Home of the very lively Lance O and Reggae Vibes from Florida


Loads of Dancehall all the way.

Some Fun. 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Check out this German webzine that you can read in English too. important part of buying records was such beautiful labels, always loved looking at labels for ages, my list of those are very long, check this website, enjoy....

Israel Vibration
One of the greatest Roots groups culture
A very interesting and worthwhile website to explore.

Long established Irish Reggae Band, with an excellent track record for entertaining the crowds, at their own gigs and backing Touring Artists.

All The Latest Information on radio in Ireland, Including News Section and the ever popular forum. This is the place for all the fans and anoraks of radio.


Roots Rock Reggae was the first in depth documentary about Reggae music in Jamaica and looks at the social and political importance of this 'cry of the people'. WIth Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Jimmy Cliff, Inner Circle, Joe Higgs and many many more.
Digitally remastered and including lots of bonuses it is now availble on DVD from watch the trailer below & other stuff at